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About Small Ship Expeditions

About Antarctica

  About Antarctic Trips

Antarctic itineraries

  Antarctic Itineraries
  Falklands, South Georgia and Antarctic Peninsula
  Antarctic Peninsula
  Antarctic Peninsula aboard Clelia II and Corinthian II
  South Georgia and Antarctica
  The Falklands, South Georgia & Antarctic Peninsula aboard Clelia II
  The Polar Circle and Antarctic Peninsula
  The Weddell Sea - In Search of the Emperor Penguin
  The Weddell Sea and Antarctic Peninsula
  The Falklands, South Georgia, South Sandwich Islands and Antarctic Peninsula
  Emperor Penguins & Snow Hill Island
  Emperor & King Penguins
  Phantom Coast and Ross Sea

About the Arctic

  About Arctic Trips

Arctic itineraries

  Arctic Itineraries
  North Spitsbergen
  Around Spitsbergen
  Scoresbysund and East Greenland
  Spitsbergen and Greenland
  The North Pole
  Iceland to Greenland
  East Greenland
  Viking Trail to the Americas - Iceland & Greenland

The Azores and Atlantic Islands

  Atlantic Islands - Norway, Ireland, Scotland & UK
  Atlantic Islands - The Azores

Azore and Atlantic itineraries

  Atlantic Islands Itineraries
  St Kilda - Jan Mayen
  Ireland, UK & Hebrides
  Scotland - Orkney, Fair Isle, St Kilda & Hebrides
  Norway - Islands and Fjords
  The Azores



Dates and Rates

  Antarctica - Cruise dates and rates
  Arctic - Cruise dates and rates
  Atlantic Islands - Cruise dates and rates

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Ships and Boats

  Polar Vessels
  Antarctic Dream
  Polar Star
  50 Years of Victory
  Kapitan Khlebnikov