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The Atlantic Islands and Fjords including Scotland, Ireland,
UK and Norway

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The Atlantic Islands offer a huge diversity of locations to visit.


Norway: From the warm spring days off the coast of Scotland and fjords of Norway to the midnight sun of Svalbard – the light will astound. This time of year there is significant bird activity, both migrating and nesting. Reaching farther north, it is possible to see reindeer, the majestic Polar bear and other Arctic wildlife.


Scotland: Continue the exploration of the Hebrides and then cruise around the northern shores of Scotland to Orkney, Shetland and Fair Isle. So many of these places are difficult, if not impossible to reach by land. Spring in the Scottish islands and coastal regions is a fantastic time for birds. As well the archaeological sites of St. Kilda, Dun Carloway broch, Ring of Brodgar and Jarlshoff, to mention a few, tell the story of a complex and tenacious history. These remote areas are a delight to wander through as the lifestyle here seems to have managed to retain some of the slower pace of yesteryear.


Ireland and the UK: From the south of England to the Hebrides – this is a journey of culture and natural history delights. For the avid birder there are many opportunities to see large numbers of gannets, fulmars, kittiwakes, cormorants, guillemots and puffins. Almost daily are new archaeological experience from Bant’s Carn to blackhouses in St. Kilda. The rugged coast was a challenge for man and nature alike to eke out an existence and shows the adaptability of both man and nature. This expedition cruise takes place in spring – a time of abundance, hope and growth.


There are three classes of vessel on offer:


Expedition and Adventure cruises: These vessels which are usually converted research vessels are all ice strengthened vessels purpose built for these locations. They offer comfortable cabins with standard facilities such as 3* dining, lectures rooms, small libraries, bar/lounge facilities and good deck space for viewing while sailing.


Adventure vessels are the same but have facilities for more activities such as kayaking, scuba diving, camping or snowshoe hiking.


Itineraries are offered with these activities available as well as special photography and bird watching voyages. Take a look at the itineraries for more information or contact us if you are looking for something specific.


Luxury cruises: These vessels have the same itineraries as the Expedition and Adventure vessels but allow you to pamper yourself a little more. These vessels have more luxurious accommodation, restaurant, lounge facilities.


Ice breakers: As the name suggests that's just what these vessels do. They are designed for accessing more isolated locations such as the North Pole or parts of Antarctica where thick sea ice has to be broken to advance. These vessels are of similar standard to the Expedition and Adventure vessels.


Guest numbers on vessels vary from 46 - 114 passengers.


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